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this week's liner notes by: Mayor Mike Stehr

About Piggy
Piggy was originally written with Citizen and percussionist, Tim Gruber, as an extravaganza of fun percussion based on a Ghanaian rhythm called a gahu, but with the usual Kicksville twist. However, somehow one night the City Council got started on a discussion about people with a puke fetish, and this nice instrumental turned into a look inside the mind of Piggy Biz - a self-serving, arrogant, manipulative man with a fetish for the bizarre (and ex-love interest of Luna). Resident artist Tone Deaf then added his two cents worth, pulling choice pieces from the continuing saga of Luna and Piggy (check out Piggy Meets The Brick and Pork Chops).

The Music
With the help of all sorts of West African instruments including a gyil, a sabar, and even a brake drum, Tim laid down all the percussion nuggets that make up the bed of this song. After adding in a bunch of programmed beats, some filtery synth sounds, and a big-ass drum kit part, Piggy turned into another great example of how we love to mix electronica with traditional rhythms and instrumentation. One of the more especially fun parts of this track was doing the random group vocals that happen throughout the song, all of us in one big room with an AKG 414 set on omni. And I must say, getting all greazed up to sing the main vocal with the appropriate character was pretty hot action too!


Can I ask you to do something for me?
You'll feel cheap, real cheap - but it sure ain't free
You need me? You're down on your luck
But I'm a better man who don't give a fuck

'Cause I'm one
One man on top of the world

So now get down - down on your knees
You'll see what a big man means
'Cause I'm a bad, bad man ready to seed
And I feed on need to glorify me

And I'm one
One man on top of the world

All tortured hearts ready to bleed
I don't care much I'm in the lead
You're a pretty mouth coming my way
If you don't pay now, you'll pay one day

'Cause I'm one
One man on top of the world
Yeah, I’m one
One man on top of the world

Piggy, bloated by his own self-worth, cuts a large swath thru rush hour down town, and being more important than you, rarely hears the word "no" or encounters much resistance of any kind to his asininities. Besides, he has the power of life and death in his hands. Why would you not just drop to your knees, pucker up, and say thank you?

It was freakishly warm for February in Crackytown - 78 degrees Fahrenheit - a day that could tempt a lamb to open the first seal to a thunder clap of horse hooves, trumpets, and a whole lot of screaming.
Piggy, declaring it too hot to be of any use to humanity today, parades shirtless, fat and sweaty, waving "koo-ee" to the poor unfortunates he happens upon. With his ice lolly and his flip-flops, even from a distance he is quite a sight.

The smile is gone, and the knife in Luna's hand is ready to turn Piggy into porkchops. Oblivious to the broiler in his future, Piggy asks Luna to give his sneakers one more turn in the dryer. Luna thinks a turn of the blade might be better....

fucking porkchops


from The Singles - Season 3, track released May 17, 2010
cover art: PIggy by Skinny Gaviar
Conrad St. Clair: bass, keys, programming
Mike Stehr: keys, vocals
Lou Caldarola: drum kit
Tone Deaf: spoken word
Tim Gruber: gyil, percussion
Chris Huntington: vocals
The Piggy Choir: Conrad, Mike, Lou, Tone, Chris, Denise St. Clair, Aya Peard


all rights reserved



Kicksville Madison, Wisconsin

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