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this week's liner notes by Tone Deaf, City Council

[Editor's note: Tone Deaf's, um, writing style is a little....unusual. We've done our best to translate while leaving...well, the character of his "tone" intact.]

About Luna
Luna is walking around wit' size-ten sneaker bruises on 'er butt. Piggy, wearer of size-ten sneakers, just walks around wit'out a clue. Luna, sick of the BIZZ 'n tired of the FRINGE 'n 'aving 'ad enuff ov PIGGY'S shit, puts 'er size five Doc Martins(TM) in Piggy's fork in the road 'n calls it a day. That's the basic story. The Commissioner pulled out me four-part bit about Luna, 'n then began 'iz usual...shall we say...massaging to turn this thingy into an epic az only 'ee can. I read said regurgitated nuggets to a synthetic rusty gate sound to establish tempo 'n we woz off! [Editor's note: the orignal poems can be found on Tone's blog at www.kicksville.ning.com/profile/tonedeaf ]

The Music
The music woz begged borrowed 'n stole from citizens in that whiny shouty demanding way that iz The Commissioner - 'ee can better explain....
CUE: Commish....
stand by....
"After Tone and I did the original bits, The Mayor came up with a bass line built around the synth part that pretty much dictated where the song was going to go. Lou fiddled around [dirty boy!], Beaker broke out the Marshall, Chris and I played this weird Primus-y counter riff, and that's about it."

WOW, man! Couldn't 'av said it better meself.
Well, there it is then.


I. Piggy Comes a-Courtin'
Piggy Bizz comes calling on Lunatic Fringe, but unlike all the wolves that have come before trying to leaf through Miss Fringe's pages, this little Piggy came with a promise of marriage and light chocolates. Luna, unable to refuse a good "choky" or deny the new burning in her loins, steps out with Mr. Bizz for what she dreams is her future - heart filled with love and hope, head swimming with all the possibilities a good bizz can bring. As time passes, it becomes clear it is not to be: An all too brief honeymoon, a few more choice lies, and then Luna is stuck in the washroom or cooking dinner for a pig who hardly comes home (too "bizzie" chasing after the ever newer talent), leaving Luna alone to sing her songs of anguish and dismay.

II. Piggy Bizz Worms His Way Back In
Luna is still stinging from the last time Piggy came around with promises of care and attention. Piggy, using velvet tongue and well-rehearsed lies, convinces her that this time he means it and things will be different. Luna wants to believe - loneliness and abandonment had made her vulnerable. So, off to the kitchen to fix Piggy dinner and put his sneakers in the dryer. On her return, she finds her Piggy, her purse, and her self respect all gone.

III. Inspiration (Luna Takes a Walk)
Luna, kicking herself over Piggy ("Fool me twice......cunt!" she repeats through clenched teeth), finds herself standing in front of the Mayor's Mansion in the old neighborhood, where foreclosure signs hang like gallows. Memories start to flood back. Before Luna knew where she was, she had crossed Mid-Stage River, following the trail between Hobo Village and Bob's Pile. "No Bob? How odd!" she thought. Luna stands in front of, then inside the Crackytown Mission, where she is told of a bathroom, a beer truck, and a suicide. Back into the outside, tears leading the way....composure not come! Gentrification Heights has grown beyond all recognition, blocking off the short cut to Luna's past. Her youth pouring from her eyes, "The promise and the lies of old friends!" Luna runs home to write this song....

IV. Luna's Facetubespacepage
Luna Fringe
Five foot eight
Present occupation: having fun
Looking for: validation
Modest ink and a passion for pink
Street-smart performance artist
Self-educated commentator
Dedicated life-long musician

Lately has learned the death of her childhood, but is inspired to press on with the terminally damned thing that has been lovingly squeezed out for the past thirteen years, entitled: "Probing For a Happy Ending As Seen Through the Poked Blind Eye"


from The Singles - Season 3, track released May 3, 2010
cover art: Heroine by Skinny Gaviar
Conrad St. Clair: bass, keys, programming
Mike Stehr: bass
Lou Caldarola: drum kit
Tone Deaf: spoken word
Chris Huntington: guitar
Beaker Parpovich: guitar



all rights reserved


Kicksville Madison, Wisconsin

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