The Singles - Season 3

by Kicksville

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The Singles - Season 3 was a serial release (y'know, like a TV show) that was originally aired April 17 through July 6, 2010


released April 17, 2010

engineered, edited, and mixed by Conrad St. Clair
additional editing by Lou Caldarola & Mike Stehr
cover art by Skinny Gaviar
mastered by Jay Frigoletto at Mastersuite
produced by Kicksville



all rights reserved


Kicksville Madison, Wisconsin

There's really no explaining Kicksville, but fear not! All the music is FREE, so have at it. Then, go visit and see what we're all about. Or, visit and give your eyeballs a treat. Enjoy!

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Track Name: Save the Baby
If you see me
with a smile on my face
like I finally solved
the mystery of the world
or perpetrated its greatest crime
blood on my hands
up to my waist in the devil's seed
Then wake me
put my feet upon the floor
wash my face and hands
drain the blood and put a mark on your door
so things don't get
to be like they were before

If you see me
with my face to the sky
shiny metal tubes
connect the stars to my eyes
Tiny silver firemen sliding down the poles
busting down the door to my skull
Save the baby
and put the fire out
Track Name: Birmingham Blues
Like Florence from your mountain
Both cast your poets out
For speaking plain

You bowl your bombs down aisles
Where black folk kneel to pray
For your blacker souls

Dog-torn children bled
A, B, O, as you
Christ's blood not more red

Burning my house to keep them out
You sowed wind: hear it blow!
Soon, you reap....

One day we will sleep
Braver and beloved
In our souls to keep
Angry angels reaping
One day we will sleep

--adapted from "If I Forget Thee, O Birmingham" by John Beecher, 1963 / additional lyrics by Aya Peard
Track Name: Luna
I. Piggy Comes a-Courtin'
Piggy Bizz comes calling on Lunatic Fringe, but unlike all the wolves that have come before trying to leaf through Miss Fringe's pages, this little Piggy came with a promise of marriage and light chocolates. Luna, unable to refuse a good "choky" or deny the new burning in her loins, steps out with Mr. Bizz for what she dreams is her future - heart filled with love and hope, head swimming with all the possibilities a good bizz can bring. As time passes, it becomes clear it is not to be: An all too brief honeymoon, a few more choice lies, and then Luna is stuck in the washroom or cooking dinner for a pig who hardly comes home (too "bizzie" chasing after the ever newer talent), leaving Luna alone to sing her songs of anguish and dismay.

II. Piggy Bizz Worms His Way Back In
Luna is still stinging from the last time Piggy came around with promises of care and attention. Piggy, using velvet tongue and well-rehearsed lies, convinces her that this time he means it and things will be different. Luna wants to believe - loneliness and abandonment had made her vulnerable. So, off to the kitchen to fix Piggy dinner and put his sneakers in the dryer. On her return, she finds her Piggy, her purse, and her self respect all gone.

III. Inspiration (Luna Takes a Walk)
Luna, kicking herself over Piggy ("Fool me twice......cunt!" she repeats through clenched teeth), finds herself standing in front of the Mayor's Mansion in the old neighborhood, where foreclosure signs hang like gallows. Memories start to flood back. Before Luna knew where she was, she had crossed Mid-Stage River, following the trail between Hobo Village and Bob's Pile. "No Bob? How odd!" she thought. Luna stands in front of, then inside the Crackytown Mission, where she is told of a bathroom, a beer truck, and a suicide. Back into the outside, tears leading the way....composure not come! Gentrification Heights has grown beyond all recognition, blocking off the short cut to Luna's past. Her youth pouring from her eyes, "The promise and the lies of old friends!" Luna runs home to write this song....

IV. Luna's Facetubespacepage
Luna Fringe
Five foot eight
Present occupation: having fun
Looking for: validation
Modest ink and a passion for pink
Street-smart performance artist
Self-educated commentator
Dedicated life-long musician

Lately has learned the death of her childhood, but is inspired to press on with the terminally damned thing that has been lovingly squeezed out for the past thirteen years, entitled: "Probing For a Happy Ending As Seen Through the Poked Blind Eye"
Track Name: Hot Alien Orgy
I have already traveled to the end of Earth
with you
And I will travel again to the end of Earth
with you
And we when we finally get to the end of Earth
we will
Take a pocket of E to the Moon and see what's left

makes time
And mine
is a little far-out today
makes time
And mine
is a little far-out today

When we have fondled each other enough
all 'round the Moon
You will spank me for being so bad
on Mars' red sands
When we have had enough of being mean
and serious
We'll have an orgy with hot aliens on sweet Venus

Mind [let's have an orgy]
makes time
And mine [let's have an orgy with hot aliens]
is a little far-out today
Mind [let's have an orgy]
makes time
And mine [let's have an orgy with hot aliens]
is a little fucked-up today
Track Name: Piggy
Can I ask you to do something for me?
You'll feel cheap, real cheap - but it sure ain't free
You need me? You're down on your luck
But I'm a better man who don't give a fuck

'Cause I'm one
One man on top of the world

So now get down - down on your knees
You'll see what a big man means
'Cause I'm a bad, bad man ready to seed
And I feed on need to glorify me

And I'm one
One man on top of the world

All tortured hearts ready to bleed
I don't care much I'm in the lead
You're a pretty mouth coming my way
If you don't pay now, you'll pay one day

'Cause I'm one
One man on top of the world
Yeah, I’m one
One man on top of the world

Piggy, bloated by his own self-worth, cuts a large swath thru rush hour down town, and being more important than you, rarely hears the word "no" or encounters much resistance of any kind to his asininities. Besides, he has the power of life and death in his hands. Why would you not just drop to your knees, pucker up, and say thank you?

It was freakishly warm for February in Crackytown - 78 degrees Fahrenheit - a day that could tempt a lamb to open the first seal to a thunder clap of horse hooves, trumpets, and a whole lot of screaming.
Piggy, declaring it too hot to be of any use to humanity today, parades shirtless, fat and sweaty, waving "koo-ee" to the poor unfortunates he happens upon. With his ice lolly and his flip-flops, even from a distance he is quite a sight.

The smile is gone, and the knife in Luna's hand is ready to turn Piggy into porkchops. Oblivious to the broiler in his future, Piggy asks Luna to give his sneakers one more turn in the dryer. Luna thinks a turn of the blade might be better....

fucking porkchops
Track Name: Radiation Emanates From the Box
In days of young the box was fun
we laughed we cried we shat
We saws new things in black and white
we saws the queen's new hat
Now we sits alone
this box it's just like crack
Yes you have no unread messages
but we dares not turn our back

We writes a message
we wills it to reply
We writes another and then another
and then another day goes by
The humming buzz the ticking sound
the only noise we hear
The mind is numb the clock has rung
awoken all our fears

I wrote a note and sent it out on
the ether
and now I wait for your reply
I sit and watch the screen for hours
and then
another day has slipped away
The radiation emanating
feeds me
keeping me safe in its embrace
The glowing eye is always open
it's all I think of when I sleep
Track Name: Whose America?
The old man with the face you have seen,
tough and kind, and none too bright...
...the face you have seen
getting on the street car
at the mill gate stop
or the gusty corner,
now, under the blood-soaked handkerchief
looks out at you
with blood oozing down the forehead
from under the handkerchief
and blood on the collar of the old overcoat...
...Whose America? somebody asked
and is this the answer?

Another old man with the face you also have seen,
a face you have seen
getting out of the limousine at the bank entrance
or the War Department...
...Berserk cop with the brandished club
the armored bus spraying gas on the pickets
the mobbing howl of the press
and the rabies in Congress
"To the electric chair with the strikers!"

Whose America anyhow?

--adapted from "The Face You Have Seen" by John Beecher, 1941
Track Name: I Dreamt the Train
I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
And then I ran out of black paint

And the name of the train was Maneater

I went around to the other side
I could see the train was a shelf
Full of poster paint and portraits
Of a woman I had known in a former self

I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
I dreamt the train
And then I ran out of black paint

And the name of the train was Maneater

[...take me take me to the station pack it up canine sliced medium ways canine sliced medium ways forms a cut full of teeth full of clear liquid full of protection clear liquid full of protection power protection power protection power protection power protection I dreamt the train I dreamt the train I dreamt the train and then I ran out of black paint the name of the train was not leviathan...]