The Singles - Season 2

by Kicksville

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The Singles - Season 2 was a serial release (y'know, like a TV show) that was originally aired April 20 to July 19, 2009


released July 13, 2009

engineered, edited, and mixed by Conrad St. Clair
additional editing by Lou Caldarola & Mike Stehr
mastered by Jay Frigoletto at Mastersuite
cover art by Tone Deaf
produced by Kicksville



all rights reserved


Kicksville Madison, Wisconsin

There's really no explaining Kicksville, but fear not! All the music is FREE, so have at it. Then, go visit and see what we're all about. Or, visit and give your eyeballs a treat. Enjoy!

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Track Name: Dumfukistan
It's no lie - we like our leaders stupid
We wouldn't have it any other way
Can't you tell from the way we keep repeating
from the way we keep repeating keep repeating keep repeating

MIckey Mouse radio telling us what to think
and which scrubbing bubbles to shove down the sink
The crap in our hair has made it all fall out
It smashes our confidence, it scares us with doubt
We lie in our boxes and stare at the wall,
mind running in circles no stop from the fall
Another day coming, another day gone
so pick up a glass and we'll sing us a song

It's no lie - we like our leaders stupid
We wouldn't have it any other way
Can't you tell from the way we keep repeating
from the way we keep repeating keep repeating keep repeating

So the fucking radio falls off of the fucking shelf and goes right into the goddamn sink so after I go with it down with the scrubbing bubbles down the drain around that goddamn u-bend and my hair starts falling out do you fucking believe it I mean jesus christ so out I come again and I'm running round and round and round in circles lies being told as the truth the truth being told me as lies the mind just runs in circles it never fucking stops each day it's another fucking mess

and now I'm outta Scotch....
Track Name: Kalamaya
mm mansalu kele manyi-ah

mansalu tununa
manden toumani kui mansa tununa-na
ni be mansalu wuli
mandeni wasulu
ni be mansalu wuli
mandeni wasulu

ni mana tununina
aah A jine wuli allah ya
ni mana ngoni ta
jan jamana kan
jine wuli allah ya

Ni benkana nu wuli
mandeni wasulu
saban o ma
kele manyi na jine mangan eh
na bara mangan eh
saia manyi na jine mangan eh

jan jamana kan
jan jamana kan
jine wuli allah ya, oh
don ngoni soumalo wa
jan jamana kan
ah, jan jamana kan
jine wuli allah, oh
kono deni fo allah

Tani ni ngoni ni fola wasulu
jamalo sele
ni ngoni ni fola
Tani muso ma ke ya
ki ni ye be bo allah

jan jamana kan
jan jamana kan
Jine ni Allah, oh
Na bi fo
jan jamana kan
jan jamana kan
Jine ni Allah, oh
Kele manyi allah

jan jamana kan
jan jamana kan
Jine ni Allah, oh
don mai soumala
jan jamana kan
jan jamana kan
Jine ni Allah, ah
jine ni soungo

kele manyi kono na si
kele manyi janjo de
kalama wari ye
wari kalama wari n'dogoni
kalama wari
san ni kalama wari
kalima ma ke yah
kini ere ke go alabida

kori manyi de
mm kori manyi de
ko miri manyi de
konyamiri la ngo miri manyi de
mm miri manyi
do basu kele manyi na

ngoni ni fola
Tani na ngoni ni fola n'dogoni
kalama wari
san ni kalama wari
kalima ma ke yah
kini ere ke go alabida
Track Name: Touch the Ground
it's a set up
you've gone
set it off
for the fall
from the brig
kick often hard and crawl
it won't hurt at all

it don't hurt at all
it's always touch and go

you're a stranger
born to fight
you've freed it up so go
after all
you will find
you'll find you're not alone
it don't hurt at all
in a silence touch and go

shaking hands we touch the ground
trading sands we touch the ground

it's a set up
but who could blame us now
we are human
after all
it don't hurt at all
Track Name: The Last Step
the police have kicked in johnny's door for something he thought thirty years ago. johnny, more than a little paranoid by then, had departed for parts unknown the night before.

unable to take the madness any longer, candy has taken the vows, and for many years has dedicated her life to the poor diseased people living at and around the crackytown mission

bob is out of rehab again after doing celebrity time in jail. with a bus token and a new suit, he's sent out into the world he is ill equipped to deal with.

in time, johnny has met up with a girl who leads him down the garden path once more and introduces him to her uncle, peter the dealer. johnny falls hard for both again.

candy is loved by all for her tireless efforts with young and old alike. despite government program cuts and shrinking donations, candy always has time for all in need

bob, who never really came down, is existing in crackytown on handouts, meetings and heroin, hanging around talking to colorful non-existents and pissing himself.

one night johnny, in a meaningless drug haze looking for twenty dollars, had his throat cut from right to left in the third floor hecht co. bathroom on the outskirts of town by a gentleman well known but of questionable character.

a charity dinner in her honor and cash for the cause gave candy no good reason to say no, which she was apt to do. on the drive to the mayor's reception, candy sees a man abusing himself with a wall. she stops the limo and runs to render assistance where she is promptly dispatched by a beer truck.

with twenty dollars in his pocket and horror visions of the girl he once knew, bob hurls insults and acts out the brick to all who pass by. with his unholy grin and a child's mind, bob is rarely taken seriously.
Track Name: Undesirables
The lifted lamp is guttering,
near spent its fuel.
Double-barred the golden door
which, when it opens,
opens on a chain.
Where throngs poured through,
police interrogate each refugee:
admitting but the few
who pass security
and kiss the Book.

Would Juarez get a visa
from the State Department?
Would the FBI clear Dvorak?
- Deport the New World Symphony!
Marti, the Cuban foe of Imperialism?
Lorca, the anti-fascist poet?
These men were all subversive
as in earlier times
Tom Payne, Pulaski, Lafayette.
The authorities would surely
bar such undesirables.
Track Name: Introspekt (Looking Through the Blind Eye)
Looking through the blind eye
You know, the middle one?
Empty space where a heart once struck
Ears that no longer hear
A tongue so forked it doesn't ever agree
Loins and groins past due for the wetlands
Knees and feet barely able to keep up
Flesh expanded by the fat that consumes it
Taste buds that left home a long time ago
Leaving a thirst, unquenched
And a mind....
I don't mind....

Looking through the blind eye
We are not here
Looking through the blind eye
We are nowhere at all
Track Name: Bestride the Narrow World
We dangled them upon the edge a week
letting them savor death and then reprieved
them from their jeopardy a space. The style
is new. The abominations of his war
moved Lincoln to unmanly tears. Perhaps
he pondered scripture overmuch. We too
bring God into our speeches. Fustian
we spout as well to cloak our naked sword
in words of righteous tone. Small matter if
the skeptical are unconvinced. We have
the countervailing force to make them cringe.
No power makes us stoop to parley. Proud
as pterodactyls in their prime are we,
mighty as mammoths whose unrivaled thews
the tundra binds in ice perpetual