The Singles - Season 1

by Kicksville

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The Singles - Season 1 was a serial release (y'know, like a TV show) that originally aired from November 8, 2008 through February 16, 2009


released November 10, 2008

engineered, edited, and mixed by Conrad St. Clair
additional editing by Mike Stehr
cover art by Andy Ewen
produced by Kicksville



all rights reserved


Kicksville Madison, Wisconsin

There's really no explaining Kicksville, but fear not! All the music is FREE, so have at it. Then, go visit and see what we're all about. Or, visit and give your eyeballs a treat. Enjoy!

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Track Name: Surrender
greedy broken
restless weak
pretty worthless
pretty sweet
greedy broken
restless weak

You sell me you buy me
You shape me deny me
You make it you fake it
I take it and I love you

is slipping away
Delirious impossible
obedient insensible
We dance we dance we dance
You say go dance
"Lie down and dance!"
is slipping away

You sell me you buy me
You shape me deny me
You make it you fake it
I take it and I love you

And all is false all regret
And all debate all politics
and all events all common sense
dampened down
muted now

is slipping away
Desirous impervious
subservient oblivious
We dance we spend we bend
You say go buy
"Lie down and dance!"
is slipping away

You sell me you buy me
You shape me deny me
You make it you fake it
I take it and I love you

Here's a little catechism
take out your change purse
and change it back to a sow's ear
to the real deal
Here's a little mysticism
get out your mirror
and smash it up
to the bitter truth
to the bitter end
Track Name: Altogether Singing
Dream of people altogether singing
each singing his way to self
to realms on realms within
All singing their way on out of self
singing through to unity
kindling into flame of common purpose
from the altogether singing

Such singing once I heard
where black children sang the chants of work in slavery
of hope for life at last and justice beyond the spaded unmarked grave
The platform dignitaries of master race
stooping for the occasion
were suddenly shamed and shaken
by these fierce and singing children
chanting out their stormy hunger
for freeborn rights
still wickedly denied

Again once
in packed and stifling union hall
where miners gathered with their womenfolk
I heard such singing
While outside in the listening street
men stood uneasy and shivering beneath their heavy uniforms
more firmly gripped their guns
though unarmed were the singers
save for the weapon of song

And once again
where followers of the ripening crops
along that hot relentless valley hemmed by cool mirage of high Sierras
square danced with riotous feet
outstamping fiddlesqueak and banjo’s tinny jingle
There came a quiet
and from the quiet
burst altogether singing
yearning back to lands whence these were driven
the known and homely acres
then lusting forward to the richness of unending rows and vines and groves
The treasure tended only
but some day to be taken
and be rightly used